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Started by admin, Aug 07, 2022, 05:45 AM

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Welcome to the PhreakNet Forums! We're glad you're here. PhreakNet Forums is a forum site primarily concerned with telephony and phreaking. This forum may be different from other forums you've used, so here's some information to help get you up to speed quickly.

First of all, there is no separate "registration" for this forum. Login to this forum is through SSO (single sign-on) through InterLinked, the parent sponsor of this site. This means you don't need to remember yet another pair of credentials to access the site - just login with your existing InterLinked credentials (the same credentials you use to log in to the PhreakNet Portal). If you don't yet have an account, you can register for one in just a few clicks at

This forum is open to anyone, not just PhreakNet members. If you are looking to get started with PhreakNet, either with your own system or a hosted line, please refer to the Getting Started guide:

We hope you have a pleasant and enriching experience here. You can participate in existing topics, or start a new topic if something you want to discuss hasn't been posted about yet. Please be sure to review the different forum boards and categories to ensure your topic is given the best home possible. Thanks, and happy browsing!